WOW Show Eilat - Environment Design
About the project:
In the WOW Show Eilat, I utilized Unreal Engine to create a grand-scale video backdrop tailored for multiple stage screens. This visual masterpiece was meticulously synchronized with the live performance, elevating the audience's engagement.
Video Design: The environment was crafted specifically for large screens, ensuring clarity and impact during the performance.
Music Synchronization: The visuals were harmonized with the musical elements, ensuring a seamless blend of sound and sight.
DMX Integration: The design was intricately integrated with DMX-controlled lighting effects, adding depth and dynamism to the live show.
This endeavor emphasized the synergy of technology and artistry in a live setting, demonstrating the potential of video design and music synchronization in enhancing live performances.
Wow Show Eilat (Shay Bonder, Hanuch Rozen) Producer: Ella Mosseri
Process and BTS
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