Hey there!
I'm Ran Bensimon, hailing from Tel Aviv. For over 5 years, I've been diving into the roles of a Creative Technologist, Filmmaker, and 3D Artist. My go-to tools include Unreal Engine, Blender, the Adobe Suite, and Stable Diffusion for Generative AI. They've been instrumental in my journey, helping me craft videos, edit, and produce some slick visual effects.
I've been fortunate to work on diverse projects, with some pieces finding their way to iconic spots like Times Square, as well as various museums, festivals, and global exhibitions. Witnessing my digital art connect with so many has been truly rewarding. My journey has also led me to the world of digital fashion, and I've had the chance to collaborate with renowned brands like Balenciaga and Esquire. Every project has enriched my experience and taught me something new.
My early days as a gamer sparked my interest in this field, and my formal education at the Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design solidified my path. Over the years, I've ventured from filmmaking and video content to freelancing in virtual productions, each venture adding depth to my story.
My passion lies at the intersection of tech and art. From 3D characters to delving into virtual environments, I thrive on storytelling, be it through a physical lens or a virtual one. If you're keen on gaming, digital fashion, or AR, I've shared my thoughts and expertise in various workshops, articles, tutorials and talks.
Got a project in mind or just want to chat about the dynamic world of digital art? Let's connect!
Thank you!
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