DAZ Studio to Unreal Engine
About the project:
Using Unreal Engine 5's Lumen and Nanite, I crafted a tranquil scene for my Nyctophilia series. The central character, sourced from DAZ Studio, sits contemplatively on her bike, gazing at Venus on the horizon.
I customized the character extensively in Unreal: her hair's movement with the Groom System, the rustling tree leaves, and the ambient wind effects. The scene's realism is heightened with particle systems and VFX. I designed the environment, modeled the character's Fendi boots, and retargeted poses from DAZ to Unreal's rig. The final touch was added with cinematics and curated sound effects.
This project showcases the synergy of Unreal Engine's real-time capabilities and DAZ Studio's assets, enabling fluid storytelling and visual artistry.
N/A (Personal Project)
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