Experimental Short Film and 3D Animation. Access upon request
About the project:
I was thrilled to participate in the Bikkurim 3 exhibition curated by Sally Haftel Naveh, where I showcased my video art and animation piece titled "The Loose Ends." This exhibition highlighted the works of emerging artists who recently graduated from art schools in Jerusalem and now call the city their home. In my video, "The Loose Ends," I explored the intersection of culture and intercultural encounters, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The narrative follows three Western women dressed in authentic costumes reminiscent of Arles from centuries past as they navigate the spaces of an ancient Shinto temple, gradually immersing themselves in the temple gardens and cemetery. Through slow-motion sequences and a birdsong soundtrack, I created a surrealistic atmosphere, intensifying the sense of foreignness that the women exude in this ancient space. The video culminates in a transformative 3D animation where the women morph into night birds, representing ethereal and timeless guardians capable of traversing time and space. "The Loose Ends" prompts viewers to reflect on the dynamics of intercultural encounters and challenges the dominant Eurocentric gaze that often appropriates cultures.
Technical Role:
Filmed and edited the video piece "The Loose Ends," incorporating self-made sound and foley effects. Designed and animated 3D owls using Blender and Octane for rendering. The project concluded with color grading in DaVinci Resolve, ensuring a cohesive and atmospheric visual narrative. The work delved into intercultural dynamics, blending reality with fantasy elements.
Client: Sally Haftel Naveh Art Curator
Bikkurim 3 (Art Exhibition Commission)
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