About the project:
In this personal project, I embarked on creating a poignant short film inspired by John Everett Millais' iconic painting "Ophelia" from 1851 and the tragic scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet. With Max Richter's haunting recomposition of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" setting the tone, I delved into the visual interpretation of Ophelia's journey, meticulously crafting the atmosphere and costumes to recreate the ethereal beauty of the painting. As her garments spread wide like fins and momentarily offer solace, the weight of her waterlogged clothes becomes a metaphor for her sorrow, ultimately leading to her heartbreaking demise. Through the amalgamation of painting, literature, and music, my aim was to evoke empathy and contemplation for the fragility of the human spirit and the transient nature of life, paying homage to the enduring themes that resonate across time.

N/A (Personal Project)
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