METASchön! Switzerland Cover
About the project:
For another collaboration with Schön magazine and photographer Jvdas Berra, I had the pleasure of working on a cover featuring actor Thomas Doherty in Dior. Drawing from Jvdas's images, I transformed Thomas into a 3D model and set him amidst a surreal floating garden teeming with flowers.
The scene was brought to life with VFX butterflies, creating a sense of movement and wonder. I also incorporated an animated 3D logo and utilized advanced lighting effects to enhance the ambiance. All these elements were meticulously crafted in Unreal Engine.
Guided by a moodboard and storyboard, I ensured that every detail, from the fluttering butterflies to the dynamic lighting, contributed to the ethereal atmosphere of the garden.
To further engage readers, I integrated AR components, allowing them to step into this enchanting garden scene through the magazine cover or an accompanying barcode.
This project, a fusion of art, technology, and fashion, underscores the transformative power of digital artistry in reimagining traditional print mediums.
Schön! Magazine
Process and BTS 
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