METASchön! Switzerland Cover
About the project:
For Schön magazine, I collaborated with photographer Jvdas Berra on a cover spotlighting Coco Rocha in Alexander McQueen. Using Jvdas's images, I transitioned Coco from 2D to a 3D model, placing her in a meticulously crafted oceanic environment. This setup involved advanced real-time fluid simulations and complex water shaders in Unreal Engine.
Guided by a moodboard and storyboard, I managed VFX, lighting, and composition, ensuring Coco's seamless integration into the aquatic realm. I also utilized Unreal Engine's blueprints and sequencer for dynamic camera control and cinematics.
To enhance the experience, I integrated AR elements, allowing readers to dive into an augmented reality scene via the magazine cover or an integrated barcode.
This project, bridging art, technology, and fashion, showcases the potential of modern visual storytelling across print, digital, and AR platforms.
Schön! Magazine
Process and BTS 
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