RIELL -End It Volumetric Music Video
About the project:
For this project with YOOM (TetaVi), I took the lead in crafting the visual narrative using Unreal Engine. My role spanned from environment design to cinematography and the integration of intricate VFX.
I delved deep into the creation of immersive digital realms, ensuring each shot resonated with the music's essence. The project also saw me designing portals and developing blueprints tailored for gaming within Unreal Engine 4.
A significant part of the process involved a meticulous transition between Blender and Unreal Engine. I employed a combination of rigging, animations, and alembic files to achieve complex physics animations that added depth to the scenes.
Below, you'll find comprehensive view of the project's evolution, and behind-the-scenes content. showcasing the journey from the initial storyboard animatic and shot list to the final captivating product.
YOOM (TetaVi)
Process & BTS
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