Resurrection of Nefertiti
About the project:
For the "Resurrection of Nefertiti" project, I undertook the challenge of reviving the legendary Egyptian queen using contemporary digital tools.
Technical Breakdown:
3D Scanning: Starting with a 3D scan of Nefertiti's renowned bust, I had a detailed foundation to work from.
Digital Reconstruction: Transitioning from the scan, I employed advanced digital sculpting techniques in tandem with artistic interpretation to reconstruct Nefertiti as a Metahuman. This process involved enhancing details, refining features, and ensuring the digital representation captured her historical essence.
Integration: The final product is a harmonious blend of historical accuracy and digital innovation, presenting Nefertiti in a way that bridges ancient history with the capabilities of modern technology.
Conceptual Overview:
The aim was to merge the past and present, allowing viewers to experience Nefertiti's enigmatic beauty through a modern lens. This project showcases the potential of digital artistry when combined with historical artifacts, reimagining how we perceive and interact with history.
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