About the project:
#RELATABLE is a short film that delves into the theme of human connection in a technology-driven society. Set in Jerusalem, the story revolves around a young individual who becomes increasingly immersed in digital interfaces, leading to a disconnection from the real world. Despite engaging in virtual relationships and intimate interactions through screens, they yearn for a genuine human connection that goes beyond the confines of technology.
Driven by a strong desire to break free from the grip of technology and discover authentic connections, the protagonist embarks on a digital journey in search of a mysterious person they have only encountered online. Along the way, they encounter various avatars and virtual identities, each leaving them feeling unfulfilled. As they venture deeper into the virtual realm, they gradually lose touch with their own identity, experiencing heightened isolation and a sense of being lost within the digital grid.
#RELATABLE offers a thought-provoking exploration of the perils of technology addiction and the fundamental human need for genuine connections. Through its evocative imagery and powerful message, the film resonates with a global audience, prompting viewers to reflect on their own relationship with technology and its impact on their connections with others.

N/A (Personal Project)
Access upon request
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