Binge Worthy Desserts​​​​​​​ - Advertising Campaign
3D Work & Animation: Utilized Blender for the creation of animated product objects, aligning with the campaign's creative vision.
Asset Management: Handled 2D and 3D assets, ensuring seamless integration and optimal visual output, modelling the box from blueprints, UV mapping and texturing.
Scene Composition: Established a 3D environment, focusing on lighting setups and 3D object placements to complement the dessert boxes.
Animation: Developed animations tailored to the modeled object, rigging, weight painting and animating.
Rendering: Employed Octane for high-quality rendering, ensuring visual fidelity and alignment with the campaign's aesthetic.
Artistic Exploration:
Storytelling: Crafted a narrative that showcased the essence of the brand, intertwining the brand's legacy with modern aesthetics.
Blurring Boundaries: Seamlessly merged real-world elements with digital creations, resulting in a visually captivating experience that resonated with the brand's target audience.

Binge Worthy Desserts, Dubai
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