Assoluto | PIANEGONDA​​​​​​​ - Advertising Campaign
3D Work & Animation: Utilized Blender for the creation of particle systems, aligning with the campaign's creative vision.
Asset Management: Handled 2D and 3D assets, ensuring seamless integration and optimal visual output.
Scene Composition: Established a 3D environment, focusing on lighting setups and 3D object placements to complement the jewelry sets.
Animation: Developed animations tailored to each jewelry set, emphasizing their unique stories and design elements.
Rendering: Employed Octane for high-quality rendering, ensuring visual fidelity and alignment with the campaign's aesthetic.
Artistic Exploration:
Storytelling: Crafted a narrative that showcased the essence of the PIANEGONDA brand and the Assoluto collection, intertwining the brand's legacy with modern aesthetics.
Blurring Boundaries: Seamlessly merged real-world elements with digital creations, resulting in a visually captivating experience that resonated with the brand's target audience.

Successfully delivered a campaign that not only showcased the Assoluto collection but also told a compelling story, capturing the essence of the PIANEGONDA brand and its vision for the future. The integration of 3D work and animation brought depth and dynamism to the campaign, setting it apart in the luxury jewelry market.
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