About the project:
Photogrammetry stands as a transformative method for generating intricate 3D models from a collection of photographs. By capturing an object or scene from multiple perspectives, this technique reconstructs its geometry and texture with impressive accuracy.
Detailed Capture: For the project involving the singer, I utilized photogrammetry to document the artist's facial attributes comprehensively. A series of high-resolution photos, taken from diverse angles, captured the nuances of the singer's face.
3D Mesh Creation: With the aid of sophisticated photogrammetry software, these images were processed to produce a detailed 3D mesh, mirroring the singer's facial structure and features.
Metahuman Integration: This mesh became the cornerstone for the Metahuman creation, ensuring the digital representation mirrored the singer's real-world appearance down to the finest detail.
Merging photogrammetry with Metahuman technology, I successfully recreated the singer in a digital avatar, encapsulating their essence with unparalleled fidelity. This endeavor underscores the capabilities of photogrammetry in generating hyper-realistic digital personas.
N/A (Personal Project)
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