DAZ Studio to Unreal Engine
About the project:
In this music video project, I delved deep into the capabilities of Unreal Engine, bringing to life a fierce night rider character with an anime-inspired aesthetic. The journey began with importing a DAZ character into Unreal. The character underwent extensive modifications, from adjusting poses to enhancing body textures with added tattoos.
Rigging played a pivotal role, ensuring the character placed naturally within the Unreal environment. I also ventured into the intricate world of character accessorizing: custom-made earrings, rings, teeth diamonds, and Balenciaga sunglasses were meticulously attached. The Groom system was employed for the character's hair, initially crafted in Blender using Hair Particles, and later adapted seamlessly in Unreal.
Clothing was another focal point. I modeled custom clothing, including boots, entirely in Marvelous Designer, ensuring they draped realistically. The entire workflow was geared towards narrating the story of this audacious night rider.
Unreal Engine's real-time rendering and advanced VFX were instrumental in realizing this vision. Its interactive capabilities allowed for rapid iterations, pushing creative boundaries. From dynamic lighting to synchronized particle effects with the music, every element was fine-tuned to perfection.
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