Motion Capture
About the project:
Facial Motion Capture with LiveLink:
LiveLink's facial motion capture technology offers a streamlined approach to animating Metahuman faces. Through a user-friendly iOS app, capturing intricate facial movements in real-time is now straightforward, eliminating many traditional motion capture challenges.
Key Features:
Real-time Capture: The iOS app facilitates instant recording of facial movements, ensuring timely and efficient animation processes.
Integration with Unreal Engine: The direct link to Unreal Engine ensures that facial animations are both precise and lifelike, capturing a broad spectrum of emotions and expressions.
Simplified Workflow: LiveLink's technology demystifies the often complex realm of motion capture, making it more approachable for creators.
This advancement in motion capture technology not only simplifies the animation process but also broadens the scope of creative possibilities. It's a game-changer for animators, offering a more accessible route to breathe life into characters with unparalleled realism.
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