Metahumans - Digital Fashion
About the project:
Metahumans, introduced by Unreal Engine and Epic Games, are transforming the digital fashion landscape. These digital models, distinguished by their lifelike appearance and intricate details, surpass conventional virtual avatars.
Technical Insights:
Real-time Rendering: Metahumans benefit from Unreal Engine's advanced real-time rendering, ensuring each model showcases unparalleled realism.
Customization: Designers can tailor Metahumans to their vision, from facial features to attire, ensuring each creation aligns with their brand and aesthetic.
Clothing Design: The attire showcased on the Metahumans was meticulously crafted in Marvelous Designer and Clo3D. These tools allow for precise garment creation, simulation, and customization, resulting in realistic and detailed virtual clothing.
Integration with Fashion:
Metahumans are bridging the gap between digital and physical fashion realms. They provide a platform for innovation, enabling designers to experiment and present in a virtual space. As the fashion industry evolves, Metahumans, combined with tools like Marvelous Designer and Clo3D, stand at the forefront, ushering in a new era of digital fashion exploration.
Asaf Reeb / Teder.FM
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