Metahuman Animator Unreal Engine 5.2
About the project:
This project involved creating a Metahuman version of Aya Nakamura performing her song Méchante. The character was created using the latest Metahuman update for Unreal Engine 5.2 and the new Metahuman Animator plugin.
The facial motion capture was performed using LiveLink, which allowed for real-time tracking and recording of facial expressions. This data was then used to animate the Metahuman character's face, creating a lifelike performance that closely matched the original artist.
The body animations were sourced from Mixamo and ActorCore. These animations were then combined with the facial motion capture data to create a fully animated character. This process involved overcoming the challenge of synchronizing the face and body animations.
The character was further customized with textures, makeup, tattoos, and even fingernails. These elements were designed using Substance Painter and Blender. The fingernails were a unique challenge, requiring the use of rigging techniques within Unreal Engine to ensure they moved correctly with the rest of the character.
The character's clothing was designed using Marvelous Designer, a software known for its realistic cloth simulation capabilities. The clothing was then simulated in real-time within Unreal Engine using uDraper, adding another layer of realism to the character.
Overall, this project involved a combination of various skills and tools, including motion capture, 3D design, real-time simulation, and rigging. The result is a highly detailed and realistic Metahuman character performing a song, showcasing the potential of these technologies for creating lifelike digital characters.
Personal Project
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