Mason & Julez - Think of Me Music Video
About the project:
In this project, I spearheaded environment design, cinematography, and VFX, ensuring a seamless blend of technical execution and storytelling. My responsibilities encompassed:
Designing three detailed and immersive digital environments:
A bioluminescent beach, complete with photorealistic textures, debris, trees, and leaves, enhanced by real-time liquid wave simulations.
An underwater realm populated with animated marine life, including sharks, dolphins, fish flocks, and jellyfish.
A dynamic soundstage with shifting lights, reflecting the ebb and flow of young romance.
Capturing cinematic shots that highlighted the intricacies of these environments while narrating a tale of teenage love.
Integrating visual effects with a keen focus on lighting subtleties. The addition of audio-reactive shaders ensured the visuals synchronized with the song's beats.
The culmination of these efforts resulted in a visually engaging experience, harmonizing music and visuals to depict the story of the song.
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