About the project:
For the immersive theater experience "LOST WITH YOU," I was commissioned to craft a video animation that would encapsulate the essence of the performance. The project required a blend of artistic vision and technical precision.
Starting with a base human model from DAZ Studio, I transitioned the asset into Blender, where I undertook a comprehensive material overhaul. Utilizing Octane shaders, I meticulously recreated skin, hair and cloth materials, emphasizing subsurface scattering for a lifelike appearance and ensuring high-fidelity reflections.
To further enhance the ambiance, I integrated VDB objects, orchestrating a gradual fog animation that permeates the 3D environment. This atmospheric addition complemented the narrative's themes of introspection and discovery.
The final animation served as a visual representation of the performance's core ethos, seamlessly blending with the overarching theme of the event held at DOCK 11, Berlin.
Sita Ostheimer Company
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