Noh - AR Instagram Filter
About the project:
Experience an otherworldly transformation with our mesmerizing "Extraterrestrial Eyes" Instagram AR filter. This innovative filter allows you to transcend the ordinary and reimagine yourself with eyes that defy reality. Unleash your imagination and embark on a journey of intergalactic beauty as you change your eye colors in extraordinary and fantastical ways.
With a simple click on the provided link, you can access a universe of eye-altering possibilities. Explore a spectrum of vibrant hues and unearthly shades that will leave you feeling truly extraterrestrial. Share your stunning eye transformations using the hashtag #ExtraterrestrialEyes, and join a community of visionaries embracing the extraordinary.
Step beyond the limits of the familiar and delve into the extraordinary with our "Extraterrestrial Eyes" AR filter. Let your gaze radiate with celestial splendor and unlock a new dimension of self-expression. Try this captivating filter today and witness your eyes come alive in ways you've never imagined.
N/A (Personal Project)
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