COASTCITY - Futuro Music Video
About the project:
In the "Futuro" music video project, I spearheaded the environment design, cinematography, and VFX, all executed within Unreal Engine. Here's a detailed breakdown:
Environment Design: The digital landscape was a metaverse interpretation of Miami beach at sunset. This setting was enriched with neon palm trees, pixelated visuals, and glitching storm effects, encapsulating the essence of "Wild Americanos" in Miami. The beach itself was detailed with photorealistic textures and featured real-time fluid simulations, with floating elements bobbing on the waves.
Cinematography: Dynamic camera movements captured the electric energy of the song, positioning the artists against the metaverse Miami skyline, pixelated lightning, and the meticulously crafted beach.
VFX: The visual effects amplified the metaverse aesthetic, from the glitching elements to neon highlights. Audio-reactive elements were strategically placed throughout the level, pulsating in sync with the music's beats.
Lighting: The lighting mirrored a Miami sunset within the metaverse, adding depth and ambiance to the scenes.
Challenges: Integrating separate captures of the performers was a complex task. Additionally, I added 3D elements tailored for keyboardist Danny Flores, enhancing his digital presence.
Through careful execution and attention to detail, the "Futuro" music video offers viewers an electrifying and immersive Miami metaverse experience.
Process & BTS
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