About the project:
In collaboration with PentHouss° for the 2021 immersive performance artwork, CALL TO ARMS, hosted at @weareuglyduck in London, I was tasked with crafting a short animation that would seamlessly mirror the real performance stage, enhancing the audience's immersion.
Technical Execution:
3D Modeling & Scene Composition: Utilized Blender to intricately design custom objects and orchestrate a scene that authentically mirrored the live performance stage.
Rendering: Employed Octane for Blender, ensuring the animation was rendered with utmost visual fidelity, capturing every nuance with precision.
Cinematic Integration: Beyond the foundational modeling and rendering, I incorporated cinematic techniques to resonate with the live performance's tempo and ambiance, ensuring a cohesive storytelling experience.

Artistic Intent:
The animation was conceptualized not merely as a representation of the physical stage but as a narrative tool. It aimed to encapsulate the atmosphere, energy, and essence of the live performance. By intertwining this animation with the live elements, the objective was to bridge the realms of the virtual and tangible, thereby elevating the overall artistic impact and audience engagement.
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