About the project:
For Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2020 campaign, in collaboration with photographer Abdulla Elmaz, I delved deep into the technical realm to craft a unique watery world.
Technical Highlights:
Environment Creation: Using Blender, I meticulously designed a 3D environment, immersing 2D characters within a customized aquatic setting.
Material & Shading: Developed intricate water shaders and materials, achieving a realistic watery ambiance.
Liquid Simulations: Implemented advanced liquid simulations to emulate the fluid dynamics and movement within the environment.
Lighting: Strategically set up lighting to accentuate the depth and mood of the underwater world.
Rigging & Animation: Rigged and animated various creatures, ensuring lifelike movements and interactions within the scene.
Shader Development: Crafted complex shaders to enhance the visual appeal and realism of objects and characters.
Cinematography: Employed cinematic techniques to capture compelling shots and sequences, ensuring the narrative's coherence.
Rendering & Post-Processing: Utilized Octane for rendering, achieving high-quality visuals. Further refined and enhanced the visuals with post-processing in After Effects.
This project was a showcase of technical expertise, blending artistic vision with advanced CGI techniques to bring Balenciaga's vision to life.
Savoir Flair Magazine
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