"Turn ☺︎ff" Music VIdeo
About the project:
Aya Gloomy's music video for "Turn ☺︎ff," premiered exclusively on NOWNESS Asia, presented a remarkable opportunity for me to wear multiple creative hats, including that of a VFX and CGI artist. This project was a collaboration with director Idan Barazani and an exceptional team, all working together to birth a compelling visual narrative.
Set against the backdrop of a city teetering on the edge of devastation, the video traverses themes of solitude, obstruction, and the existential quandary of being trapped in a ceaseless cycle. What stands out in this project is the amalgamation of stunning visual effects and intricate details, all designed with a single purpose in mind - to encapsulate the artist's sentiments and transport the viewers into a chilling yet atmospheric realm.
One of the most demanding aspects of this project was the post-production phase, where I was tasked with complex editing and compositing responsibilities. My work included detailed rotoscoping, processing green screen footage, and tracking motion. Each of these steps required a fine balance of technical knowledge and creative input, as they played a crucial role in translating the director's vision into a mesmerizing reality.
The music video's premiere on NOWNESS Asia opened doors for it to reach an expansive audience. Its bewitching visuals and reflective narrative resonated with the viewers, offering them a glimpse into a hauntingly beautiful, thought-provoking world. "Turn ☺︎ff," a standout track from Aya Gloomy's TOKYO HAKAI album, has been vividly brought to life through this music video. It serves as a testament to the potency of art in evoking emotions and immersing audiences in an unforgettable auditory and visual journey.

My role:
Executed VFX integration with video footage and crafted a customized 3D character based on provided references. Animated the character and designed HUD/UI elements, enhancing the video's narrative. Utilized motion graphics techniques to elevate the visual storytelling. The project demanded intricate rotoscoping, green screen footage processing, and motion tracking, all achieved with a blend of technical precision and creative flair.

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