SPool - 3D Architectural Visualization
About the project:
In an architectural visualization project, I employed Blender and Unreal Engine to craft a lifelike 3D representation. The centerpiece was a meticulously detailed pool and jacuzzi setting, enhanced by a custom-animated crane model.
3D Modeling & Animation: Complex structures were 3D modeled, rigged, and animated, ensuring every detail was captured.
Texture Work: I dedicated significant effort to texture mapping, ensuring materials exuded realism and depth.
Cinematics: To showcase the environment, I produced immersive cinematics, capturing the essence of the design.
Optimization: The project was adapted for various formats, including a portrait display version, ensuring versatility in presentation.
VR Integration: Leveraging Blender and Unreal Engine's capabilities, I crafted a seamless VR experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in the architectural design.
This endeavor underscores the potential of 3D design, texture mapping, and VR in modern architectural visualization.
Process & BTS
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