Digital & Video Artist \ Cinematographer
Based In Israel and France

I’m a filmmaker and AR artist based in Jerusalem and Paris. I’ve exhibited my works in galleries and festivals around the world. My work is influenced both by the past, in the form of classical European artwork, and by a look into our digital future. Coming from a gaming background, I use mixed media to blur the lines between the real world and the virtual world by mixing them together. This is how I came to learn of AR, VR and XR and recently have been integrating it more and more into my work, researching ways to bring it into the world of art.
My main engagement other than film making is with Digital Fashion, Augmented Reality and Instagram AR Filters.

On my Patreon you’ll find tutorials for Spark AR Studio, with 3D models, rigging techniques, texturing and physical movements using the patch editor and more. I will offer ways to learn how we can bring Augmented Reality closer to Fashion and bringing Digital Fashion to the foreground of creation.

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