Born in Jerusalem, Ran Bensimon is a video artist who grew up in the versatile environment of the city. Inspired by video games at a very young age he started exploring the 3D modelling world and create images as a hobby. Evolving his knowledge over the years, his interests expanded to more fields such as photography, videography and digital art. After having studied and worked in the field of computers and electronics, he started traveling across the south and north Americas, in a search for a new path, during these travels, he discovered his passion for videography, for documenting his surroundings. After spending a year and a half in Los Angeles, where he enhanced his filming skills.

In 2014, He moved back to Israel to achieve his degree in Cinema, he starts studying at The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design of Jerusalem, in the Screen Based Art department, and continues his path of introspection through video projects, devoting himself to his interest in art, and more specifically to video and photography. He has been fascinated by video art and experimental cinema and combining the both in his works. Mainly using his art to investigate the digital era that is happening right now, the interface between art and digitalization and the human place within this field.