Born in Jerusalem, Ran Ben Simon is a video artist who grew up in the versatile environment of the city. Inspired by video games at a very young age he started to explore the 3D modelling world and create images as a hobby. By self educating and exploration being enabled by the widespread of the internet, his interests expanded to more fields such as photography, videography and digital art. At the age of 14 years old he represented Israel in the first ever digital beauty contest “Miss Digital World” and was a finalist with his creation “Imogen”.  After his obligatory military service in the IDF, he started traveling across the south and north Americas, during these travels, he discovered his passion for documenting his surroundings.

In 2014, he started studying at The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, in the Screen Based Arts department. He developed his skills of introspection through video projects, devoting himself to his interest in art, and more specifically in video and photography. He has been fascinated by video art and experimental cinema and combining the both in his works. Mainly using his art to investigate the digital era that is happening right now, the interface between art, digitalisation and the human place within this field.

Graduating with honors in 2018, he embark to France to participate in several film festivals with his graduation film, alongside art exhibitions and creation of personal and commissioned projects he formed connections with curators, galleries and collectors of art. At the same time and in the present, he is working freelance as a production assistance and video editor for Yad Vashem National Holocaust Museum creating documentaries and as an editor and After Effects Specialist for the Open University of Israel.